RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

More retailers than ever are looking and reviewing RFID business solutions for their retail businesses to help reduce shrinkage and drive increased sales by having the product in the right place. Compass Labels and its partners have teamed up with some of the major industry leaders in the RFID world to provide a full end to end business solution for the supply of hardware/software for distribution centre/in-store equipment together with fully encoded labels and tickets for the retailer and their supply base.

RFID business projects which are now in place have, and continue to have some major positive effects. Many Global retailers have seen major reductions in the shrinkage and loss of items together with optimising their garment availability, providing reductions in lost sales by having the correct items in the right location according to the geographic customer footprints.

For further information on how RFID can help and support your retail business and talk to one of the teams on this new and growing industry product please contact our sales team.